Board of Directors

Amy Tzagournis, Board Chair

CriticalPoint Partners, business development

Why I support Free Arts: I am a huge proponent of communicating and learning to deal with emotions through some sort of artistic outlet.  With a background in theatre, I learned how to cope with many of life's challenges through storytelling and bringing to life situations that were difficult to deal with, especially those involving family and loved ones. Free Arts provides that environment and a safe place to encourage this artistic outlet, and has proven to result in children being able to better communicate and face suppressed emotions, in order to have a hopeful outlook on the future.

Mark Advani

FRAME, senior operations specialist

Why I support Free Arts: I joined the board at Free Arts because I wanted to be part of a group of people helping our community. Art has always been an outlet for me, and I enjoy seeing others benefit from its influence. 

Aaron battista, Development Chair Emeritus

Battista co LLC, Consultant

Why I support Free Arts:  "Free Arts provides important support for abused children to help build their self-esteem and release their artistic creativity. Free Arts has an incredible team of volunteers and staff that provide the critical support and programs to help the children of Los Angeles. Free Arts provides a safe place for children to express themselves through art."

Monica Goel

TLD LaW, partner

Why I support Free Arts: "As an estate planning and trust attorney, I don’t deal with family law or custody issues.  However,  I was drawn to Free Arts because of its court program and the services it provides to children at a troubled time in their lives when their parents are facing court proceedings regarding their custody."

Angela Knight

comerica Bank, Vice President

Why I support Free Arts: “I was touched by the good work that Free Arts contributes to the community of children who, through no fault of their own, are thrust into the harsh judicial environment.  The organization takes a passion of mine, painting, and uses it for therapy for these young children.  It is my honor to support such an organization which goes far past a monetary contribution but takes hands-on approach to such a worthy cause.”

Vahan Mezian

NV Holdings, Inc., PResident

Jessica Staheli

Scherzer International, Executive Vice PResident 

Why I support Free Arts: “I was thrilled to join the board of Free Arts because I believe in the power of art to transform. Free Arts provides a crucial service to children in the most need by going directly to them at the court and in their neighborhoods. Through creative expression the children of Free Arts rediscover their voices and build resiliency to go forward.”

james weinberg

Managing Director, Varley clothing inc.

Why I support Free Arts: “I believe in and support Free Arts because engaging youth through creative outlets is the best form of self-expression.  When people have a way to express themselves it serves as both a functional and emotional platform to build confidence.  At risk youths are one of the most vulnerable parts of our society which we need to protect at all costs.  We need to channel as much positivity as we can in this world and Free Arts provides this to the youth of California.”