Free Arts curricula-based programs were developed with the input of an interdisciplinary team composed of an Art Therapist, Licensed Child Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and elementary school Art Teacher.

Free Arts delivers programs to children through ongoing partnerships with homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, housing programs, after-school programs and schools serving disadvantaged children in Los Angeles.

FREE ARTS MENTORS program restores hope, resiliency and self-esteem in children through an 8-12 week creative arts program facilitated by trained adult mentors. Free Arts Mentors help children discover their strengths, develop a sense of mastery and build a sense of empowerment. Children learn to feel, understand and express their emotions and begin to see themselves as strong, resilient members of their own communities.

FREE ARTS FOR FAMILIES forges stronger bonds among family members, improving communication and family dynamics. Free Arts for Families creates happy, positive memories and experiences while families complete family centered arts projects over 8-12 weeks.

FREE ARTS FOR CHILDREN'S COURT restores self-esteem, hope and resiliency in children as they endure a day-long wait at court to testify in front of a judge, who determines where they will live. These children have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect.

FREE ARTS DAYS are one-day events that help communities debrief, cope with & rebuild following a traumatic community event. Free Arts Days also helps corporations build stronger teams and renew communication, commitment and employee engagement.

program impact

Free Arts serves more than 22,000 children each year who have experienced abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness.

Anecdotally, judges, social workers, teachers, parents and other reports that children who participate in Free Arts programs exhibit improved hope, resiliency and self-esteem, along with improved communication and coping skills.

Dr. Joseph P. Bush of Fielding Graduate Institute is currently conducting a study to measure the efficacy of Free Arts programs in improving hope, self-esteem and resiliency in children who participate in Free Arts programs. Data collection is underway and results are expected Spring 2017.

Free Arts thanks the LA Arts Commission and Department of Cultural Affairs for their generous support.